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STOREKEEPER (Greenyield Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, based at Olak Lempit, Banting) Details
STOREKEEPER (Greenyield Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, based at Olak Lempit, Banting)
  1. To assist monitor and control all the daily operation of inventory management.
  2. To check and update attendant’s daily attendance and overtime.
  3. To assist in coordination of orders for raw materials, supplies and equipment.
  4. To update and check on stock cards.
  5. To monitor the movement of stocks.
  6. To ensure smooth running of total operation of the warehouse, incoming, storage and outgoing activities
  7. To ensure stock system is being update constantly according to store received and delivered.
  8. To assist logistic task as stated below:
    1. To check on Load and Unload goods against order forms.
    2. To check condition of container prior to loading.
    3. To obtain details of the location and quantity of items in stock, using visual display units or computers.
    4. To arrange attendant to place goods in correct and appropriate places.
  9. To ensure work area is neat and tidy, and all safety measures are being adhered to.
  10.  To ensure stock system is being update constantly according to store received and delivered.
  11. To inform the Superior immediately if inconsistency and/or fraud are discovered in any related matter.
  12. To carry out any other related tasks as assigned by the Company from time to time.
  1. Minimum SPM.
  2. Working experience in the related filed is required for this position.
  3. Knowledge in warehouse/store management and driving forklift.
  4. Computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Excel.
  5. Able to converse and write in Bahasa Malaysia, English and / or Mandarin.
  6. Hardworking and good in Mathematic.
  7. Willing to work in Olak Lempit, Banting.
  8. Full-time position is available.


LORRY DRIVER (Based at Olak Lempit, Banting, Greenyield Industries (M) Sdn Bhd,) Details
LORRY DRIVER (Based at Olak Lempit, Banting, Greenyield Industries (M) Sdn Bhd,)
  1. Despatch and deliver goods to/from Kajang warehouse / factory and subcontractor
    Mengagih and menghantar barang-barang ke/dari Gudang Kajang /  kilang dan sub-kontroktor. 
  2. Sending goods to local clients or suppliers.
    Menghantar barang-barangan kepada pelanggan atau pembekal tempatan.
  3. Ensure receiving (loading) and issuing (unloading) of correct materials / goods accordingly to requisition.
    Memastikan penerimaan (pemuatan) dan pengeluaran (pemunggahan) bahan-bahan adalah betul menurut permintaan. 
  4. Assist in receiving (loading) and issuing (unloading) goods.
    Menolong dalam penerimaan (pemuatan) dan pengeluaran (pemunggahan) barang-barangan.
  5. Handling the vehicle and perform minor maintenance, repairing if needed.
    Mengendalikan kenderan dan melaksanakan penyenggaraan asas, pembaikpulhan kalau perlu.  
  6. Ensure goods/items are handle in safest manner during delivery.
    Memastikan barang-barangan/bahan-bahan dikendalikan dalam keadaan yang selamat dan baik pada waktu penghantaran.
  7. To perform on-time daily delivery as schedule.
    Melaksanakan penghantaran harian yang tepat pada waktunya.
  8. Record the delivery schedule in the logbook by daily basis.
    Rekod jadual penghantaran ke dalam buku rekod setiap hari.
  9. Completing administrative tasks for Banting factory and/or Kajang Headquarters (e.g.: paying utility, banking transactions, post-office transaction, etc.)
    Melaksanakan kerja-kerja pentadbiran untuk kilang Banting dan/atau ibu pejabat Kajang iaitu buat bayaran bil-bil, transaksi bank, pejabat pos dan lain-lain.
  10. To perform such other function as may be assigned from time to time.
    Melaksanakan kerja-kerja lain yang berkenaan seperti yang diarahkan pada masa ke semasa.
  1. At least SPM.
    Minimum lepasan SPM.
  2. Familiar with Klang Valley areas.
    Biasa dengan kawasan Klang Valley.
  3. Able to communicate well.
    Boleh berkomunikasi dengan baik & jelas.
  4. Careful, tactful and present characters.
    Prihatin, bijak & berwatak baik.
  5. Candidate with GDL is an added advantage and preferred.  Pemohon yang mempunyai lesen GDL didahulukan.
  6. Possess valid driving license (motorbike).
    Mempunyai lesen memandu (motor).
  7. Can start work immediately.
    Boleh mula kerja serta-merta.