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Crop Plus +

       Your Trusted Patented Organic Potting Mix

  • Revitalize plant growth
  • Enhance root development
  • Promote microbial activities
  • Increase soil nutrient availability
  • Enhanced resistance to diseases
  • All natural & organic
  • Recommended for organic farming
  • Premium quality
  • Easy to use.

Crop Plus Organic Potting mix is a natural blended Compost (Organic fertilizer) To Give Premium Plant Growth. It contains adequate macro and micro-nutrients to provide multiple benefits to plants. The slow release of organic nutrients plus its high organic humus will enhance nutrient uptake efficiency and moisture retention. It is odourless and has no harmful pathogens. It is compactly packaged in ready to use potting mix for easy handling.

This ready-to–use potting mix is suitable for household gardening, vegetable farming, organic farming, fruit crops, lawn, landscape, flowering plants, nursery plantation crops and forestry species.

A ready-made multi-purpose potting mix (organic feritilizer) for all potted plants, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs  and herbs.